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Writers don't write in a vacuum, they draw from what they know.

Should I major in journalism?

In my opinion? I wouldn't, its an incredibly saturated field where honest journalism is sorely lacking in demand. If you say you want to major in journalism you will probably experience negativity from almost every around you. But if you look at popular writers and columnists, they majored in something they loved. They majored in things like writing or other subjects like economics (Paul Krugman of the NYTimes).

Major in something you can spend your life on.

Because only once you understand something can you write about it.  Knowing how to write is only half the battle. Majoring in writing is a legitimate path as well, just make sure to minor in a secondary/fallback interest. 

Author's Note:
These last two paragraphs are purely anecdotal and are lacking in experience. Contact us with your stories and have them presented here, I am not perfect, and get things wrong, feel free to correct them.








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